Tandem Lawn Industries was founded in 1990 by a highly experienced team, who since 1974 have been in lawnmower manufacturing. The company, is one of the largest of its kind in South Africa and has recently moved into its modern purpose built factory.

Production Excellence: Tandem manufactures a full range of electric and petrol mowers and trimmers, all designed for modular construction, and assembled on automated assembly lines.

Every product built: Incorporates more than thirty five years of engineering expertise along with a commitment to production excellence, innovation and sensible practical ideas.

Sales & Distribution: The full range is distributed and sold throughout Southern Africa, and selected models are exported to countries worldwide.

About Tandem Lawn Industries

We have gone green and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint


Tandem Lawn Industries has adopted a  policy to reduce the carbon footprint of  the manufacturing process. 

Tandem has embarked on a sustainability program to include various renewable energy sources, such as solar heating for water and wind generators for internal lighting.

Why choose Tandem Lawn Industries


High Value &

Low Maintenance

Modular construction allows all wearing parts to be replaced economically.



Modern automated assembly line - no welding, no rust.

Built well, made reliable.

Tandem Collection System

Designed as a low pressure high vacuum system - gentle on your lawn and protects the top soil.

Unique Elite Dealership Network

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Innovation and quality are the cornerstones of our mission 


Automatic robot welding machines and computer controlled infrared powder coating facilities, ensure a consistent high quality finish for the range of products that are - built to last.

New ideas are constantly tested and improved using sophisticated CAD systems, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Designs have been developed to optimise the efficiency of the body shell geometry to maximise the power of the motor. This is done to create the correct air flow profile and produce the required vacuum for quieter and more efficient lawn mowing.

The full product range is distributed and sold throughout Southern Africa, and selected models are exported to countries worldwide.


Our icon the Masked Weaver

Scientific namePloceus velatus

Higher classification: Ploceus

Family: Ploceidae


Weavers make up a group of birds which are very easily recognised both by appearance and behavior by most people in Southern Africa, and belong to the genus Ploceidae.


The masked weaver male is predominantly yellow, with a black face or mask - hence the name. They resemble finches, but are named for their elaborate nest building expertise. They create an intricate basket nest, woven from grasses, stripped palm leaves and twigs. Nests are round structures designed to hang from a thin branch high in a tree for protection from predators, with the entrance facing the bottom. Weavers are extremely social, noisy and gregarious creatures and nest in large groups. Their nests look like large hanging fruit. The male is the industrious one, and builds nests to attract a female. If the female does not approve of the nest, and it is not up to her standard, she will destroy it and he has to start all over again. If however she does like the nest, she will line it with grass and feathers, and they will raise a family.

One of Nature's Wonders
It is because of this nesting behavior, that this group of birds is so well known, and indeed their nests are one of the wonders of nature. On examining a weaver's nest, one can only marvel at the fact that a bird, using only its beak, can weave something so intricate and so consistent that we would find difficult to reproduce it with our hands.

Tandem Lawn Industries Mission

  1. Build a Profitable and Sustainable Business

  2. Create a Leading Brand

  3. Increase Volumes to Maximise Savings

  4. Dedicate Maximum Resources Towards Productivity

  5. Sustain Profitability of our Customers

  6. Facilitate Transfer of Knowledge within the Group

  7. Accelerate R & D to be able to Compete Internationally

  8. Invest in Modernisation and Manufacturing Processes

  9. Invest in Improvement of Selling Techniques

  10. Invest in Upgrade of Retail Outlets

  11. Create Culture of Pride and Honour

5 Imvubu Park Place,
Riverhorse Valley Business Estate,
Durban, 4017

+27 31 569 9300

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